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We don't need no more stinkin' tools....

Finding a needle dropped into the proverbial haystack is very difficult, unless you have a tool that improves upon the brute-force method of disassembling the haystack one straw at a time.  Searching with a magnet that attracts the needle but not the straw will reduce the time and effort needed to find the needle.

Likewise, reversing and understanding the behaviors of a complicated exploit can be less difficult when you have tools that leverage your skills and keep you focused on the goal.  Security researchers have greatly benefited from tools like Ida-Pro, OllyDebug, Softice, and utilities like SysInternals' RegMon/FileMon/ProcMon, but these still require significant efforts to collect and assimilate the vast quantities of data needed to analyze an exploit's behavior.

Using tools like these is not unlike using a refrigerator-door magnet to help find the needle; until you have a better tool, however, it's difficult to improve your performance.  Suppose you were instead using a powerful electromagnet (like those that pick up scrap metal by the ton)--turning it on near the haystack should literally pop the needle out with little effort.

Been there, done that....

There's a lot to be gained by having security gurus design new tools that they had always wanted but didn't have time to develop themselves.  Likewise, cross-fertilization of ideas from hardware experts, kernel internals experts and exploit experts helps expand the surface-area that new tools can cover, often allowing one tool to do the work of several older-generation products.

That's why the staff at ATG Labs includes experienced security researchers to design the next-generation tools needed to unravel the latest exploits.

Tools that we can publicly discuss are being designed and developed in the following areas:

Kernel and Driver Monitors.
Comprehensive OS Monitors.
Hardware-assisted Tracing.
XML-based cross-platform application GUI development.

Finally, you can learn more about ATG Labs, including contact information, from these links.

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