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A legal firm representing "Aspen Technology, Inc" demanded that our company, known since 1987 as Aspen Technology Group, cease use of our trade name on the grounds that it might be confusingly similar to their registered trademarks and that it was was diluting the value of their marks.

Although we are confident that our software products and services are so different from those offered by the other firm that no confusion could result, we were compelled to stop using our former trade name rather than do battle with the deep legal pockets of a $45 million firm. As a result, beginning October 31, 1996, we have a new trade name "ATG Labs".

To prevent any possibility of confusion, we must again reiterate that we are in no way related to Aspen Technology, Inc. However, if you somehow got to this web page while looking for them, you may be able to reach them at their web site.

PS. Just because we backed down from a fight over using the three words aspen, technology, and group in our business name, we see no reason that they must be removed, as demanded, from our web site, to wit:

"As you can see from this picture, we enjoy the beauty of the aspen trees here in Colorado, where we develop some of the newest technology in interactive authoring systems with our dedicated group of programmers....."






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