XML-based GUI Development  

Developing cross-platform application GUIs previously required custom front-end code for each platform.  The open-source Mozilla project provides a standards-based approach to this task that we can extend for use use with applicable products.

By developing entire standalone applications with combinations of XML-based user interface layout, XBL widgets written in C++, localization via RTF files, and behaviors defined using javascript, your product automatically runs on most Windows, Linux and MacOSX platforms without requiring detailed programming skills for each platform.

ATG Labs can help you start down the right path using these tools, can design and prototype your XML-based GUI, or can  implement and test the product for you.

Here are some links to the open source Mozilla development sites that describe the technology, including methods for embedding their gecko layout engine and for creating stand-alone applications.


  • Mozilla Projects
  • Obtaining and building the Source Code
  • Documentation
  • Embedding Mozilla
  • Mozilla Public License
  • Mozdev.org

  • Mozdev wiki
  • O'Reilly's Creating Applications with Mozilla
  • Other

  • XulPlanet's XUL documentation
  • XPInstall API Reference
  • DMOZ Open Directory Project
  • O'Reilly MozDev Center

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